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How do you buy a property at a fair price?

  • Shop. Compare neighborhoods not only by driving through them but also by obtaining information regarding assessor's valuations and historical sales trends (both relating to volume of sales and change-in-price data).
  • Ask your agent about the history of a particular property you are interested in and about the reasonable price to be paid for that property relative to other properties that have sold.
  • If you are getting a loan to purchase a property, ask that an appraiser familiar with the market be retained, and read the appraisal. If the appraisal is vague or obviously inaccurate ask questions.
  • Stay away from gimmicks. Real estate is a big investment. Be cautious when you are being offered something too good to be true or being rushed to make a decision.
  • Go to our sponsor's page and get our subscribers on your side. Our subscribers are individuals and institutions that believe that when you buy a property at a fair price, everyone benefits.
  • Bookmark this page and use it.

When you buy a property at a fair price everyone benefits!

  • Your real estate agent benefits because he or she can look forward to your referrals and doesn't have to dread your asking him or her to re-sell your property later.
  • Your bank benefits because its loan for your purchase will be adequately secured.
  • The appraiser benefits because he or she doesn't have to incur the wrath of sellers, real estate agents, and bank loan officers when his or her honest opinion is that the value of the property is less than its negotiated sale price.
  • The seller benefits because the likelihood that a prospective sale of his or her property will close is greater

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