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Daybreak Data Company constructs its newsletter by obtaining data that is available to the public from a variety of sources including the Klamath County Clerk's office, the State Court system, other departments of local government, and general circulation news services.

Records entered in the Company's newsletter are categorized for the subscriber's ease of retrieval and review. The subscriber may also format the records in one day's newsletter in alphabetic order by the names of entities involved or by identification of the properties involved. This allows a subscriber to quickly review newsletter data for names of individuals, entities, or properties of interest to the subscriber. Follow the links provided in the newsletter data to obtain more complete descriptions of documents and properties identified. Links also provide a means for ordering documents from Daybreak Data Company.

Categories and sub-categories employed by the Company are, for the most part, self-explanatory and allow the company to effectively update and cross-reference information. Please see the site Glossary for definitions.

The need to constantly update and cross reference information does lead the Company to use some categories and sub-categories whose differentiation may not be readily apparent to the subscriber. The following categories would appear to the subscriber to be related but are used by the Company to different ends:

Sales of Property/Claims of Property Right: The Company classifies any deed, contract of sale, or bill of sale, identifying a unique piece of property found in the Company's database as a Sale of Property. Some deeds do not identify a unique piece of property found in the Company's database. These are classified as Claims of Property Right. In addition sales of some rights in property do not result in a change of property ownership (for instance the right to occupy a property may be "sold" by a lease that is publicly recorded) and these sales are classified as Claims of Property Right.

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