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About the Property Database 

Tens of thousands of properties are identified in the Company's database. The Company believes it keeps its library of property identifications up-to-date and fully documented. However, not all properties are fully described in the public record. The Company does not deal with property information that is proprietary in nature. For a fee the company will provide any subscriber with a copy of a document memorializing a sale of property (or any other document pertinent to a property found in the Company's Library); however, the subscriber bears the burden of verifying data on which the subscriber is reliant.

The Company's scheme of describing properties by Building Code and Land Code is believed to be thorough and representative of properties described; however, there are inconsistencies among similar zonings in Klamath County's various jurisdictions that cannot be wholly addressed.

The search functions allow the subscriber the opportunity to identify properties across groupings of physical and location characteristics. The subscriber may find that the best strategy is to start the search for property by as inclusive a method as is reasonable, review the response from the database, and then refine the search by adding criteria.

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