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About Us - Policies

Daybreak Data Company has a conservative and understated style focused on documented research and clear presentations. The Company will not advocate for particular institutions or causes but will be an advocate for rigor in research and fairness in presentation.

Use of Data and Branding
Subscribers and clients are encouraged to use data, reports, and other analyses obtained through Daybreak Data Company with attribution to be shown by display of the Daybreak Data Company logo.

Subscriber's License
Daybreak Data Company is a for-profit enterprise. Its profitability relies upon paid subscriptions. The Company attempts to make subscriptions affordable.

The Company has both individual and group subscriptions available for basic and advanced levels of service.

The individual subscription may be used like a book. A subscriber has the right to read from his book. The subscriber may also lend his book for the use of another, however, in the instance of the Subscription News Service, the subscriber agrees not to use the Service while another party who has obtained the subscriber's user identification and password simultaneously uses it. Also the subscriber agrees that the subscriber will pay any fees for orders placed through the service on the subscriber's account, even if an individual to whom the subscriber has lent use of the subscription made the order.

Group subscription rates are based on the levels of service provided by the Company and the number of users within the group, and the Company's ability to receive payment for all users affiliated with the group from a single source.

Subscribers' use of the News Service will be monitored by Daybreak Data Company and abuse of privileges may result in termination of service without notice.

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