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About Our Data

Daybreak Data Company maintains a library of data and information in digital format. Our subscribers access this library via the worldwide web.

The library consists of publicly recorded documents, government generated real property reports, selected court records, and other news or descriptive materials that are available to the public.

Daybreak Data Company adds value to the public record by continually relating documents in our growing library to particular entities, properties, neighborhoods, and governmental jurisdictions. Further, we provide our subscribers a method for researching this cross-referenced data and generating information relevant to investment, management, and administrative decision making.

Matching and cross-referencing information from diverse sources is much of the work that we perform for you. We try to avoid alteration of the data we extract from the library and present to you from our database. Our work requires some standardization and interpretation of the data. This is unavoidable in the provision of the Subscription News Service and fulfillment of other client orders.

Standardization and interpretation makes the data more valuable, but also vulnerable to error. The subscriber and user must be aware that much data that is in the public records derives from observation and individual interpretation. The procedures that create these public records are inherently vulnerable to error. Clerical inaccuracies can compound that error. We cannot resolve all errors, but we continually strive to correct deficiencies and to prevent introducing errors.

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